Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What could be better ?

What could be better than a rotary cutter ?

A NEW BLADE in your rotary cutter!!! Ooooh it's like a hot knife through butter.

I'm cutting anything in arm's reach.

And I now realise how much that teeny, tiny nick in the old blade (that left a single thread still joined on every rotation) was really annoying me. Aaah it's a whole new world of shiny, sharp calm.

Have you entered the giveaway - go in do it and get a freeby!

Have a great day.



  1. I did the same recently when I got a new cutting mat - no avoiding the ruts and the daggy bits - awesome .

  2. Yes - one of lifes simple pleasures :) We put of changing the blade way too long. Hope you put a couple of spares in the cupboard as well.


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