Friday, 21 October 2011

10 things about me

I've been tagged by the lovely Jacqueline at Zippy Zippy so brace yourselves, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about me ...

  1. I am the 2nd of five kids who grew up on a farm but married a city boy.

  2. I love my little family (me, the man, the boy, the 2 girls and the smelly old dog).

  3. I was the only girl in my class for prep, grade 1 and grade 2.

  4. Once upon a time I jumped out of an aeroplane in Zimbabwe attached to a very hungover man that I had never met and a parachute.

  5. I love a cookbook - can you really have too many??

  6. I made my first skirt in grade 4 and loved it. (Never wore it, just loved making it)

  7. We make hotcross buns from scratch every year on Good Friday even though we're not religious. I like to do things from scratch.

  8. I hate (and refuse to purchase) over-packaged food - especially for children. If you want to give them biscuits just get some out of a larger packet or make your own. Why do kids need to have their own little packet out of a larger packet. Have you seen the waste at schools at lunch time ????? It drives me mad! Oops ... how did I get up here on this soapbox?

  9. I have a Maths/Science teaching degree but have never taught (yep, i'm a nerd).

  10. Sewing keeps me on the socially acceptable side of sane ... hopefully.

Join in too if you like.

Have a lovely weekend and pop into the market if you're around.......



  1. So lovely to learn more about you, you must have been at a small school to be the only girl!
    And I am soooo with you on the packaging thing. I have a series of different sized Decor containers that hold carrots, beans, snow peas, hommus, yoghurt, rice crackers and the occasional Tiny Teddy (from the larger boxes).
    My girls have been known to comment in front of others "They have the little yoghurts Mama, the ones you won't buy because they make too much rubbish" Oops!

  2. I'm with you on the packaging - the waste and the expense. I pack no rubbish lunchs every day. They had a day last year were they were to bring a no rubbish lunch and my preppie was upset because his lunch was the same as it is every day!
    And I am definately with you on number 10!
    It's my time out :)


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