Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Retail Therapy

When all goes down the pooper - go to Amitie and buy the beginnings of a new quilt!

They always make me smile!

Won't bore you with details but I hope your day is better than mine - although I'm sure it will improve now - ABC kids and a rotary cutter ! (oh, they're not for the same person or being used in the same space so no need to call children's services just yet...)

And if you're interested, this will hopefully become a cot quilt and a throw/wrap for my newest little nephew. Well, that's the plan anyway.



Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Holiday Monsters

Read into that what you will .....It's a wet and miserable day here so we found a way to keep holiday monsters entertained....

Rumage through the fabric scrap stash & pick what you want.
Cut them as you want and sew them together (yes, I let them loose on the Janome. They were VERY excited!)
Add your monster face and trace out your monster shape on the back. Sew it to your chosen backing fabric (with a bit of help) Cut around your monster shapeClip and turn (and use chop sticks as weapons)Go a bit crazy with the stuffing (our house is very fluffy at the moment)Stitch up the hole. This was the big boy's first go with a needle and thread. He has is own style and was happy.A successful holiday afternoon (ie no sibling bickering for 3 whole hours - unbelievable!)Now to clean up the mess - they're watching Star Wars with their monsters.
Hope your holidays are great.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A bit of colour

Wandering through blogland the other day, I stumbled on these ...
(image from Design Seeds)
(image from Design Seeds)
Have you seen Design Seeds? Go and check it out.

I love the colour breakdowns!

I thought it might be fun when thinking of colour blends for quilts etc

Just thought I'd share.



Friday, 15 April 2011

Looking on the bright side

Yep, it's a cushion!

This is a "positivity cushion" because sometimes we all need to be reminded to look on the bright side of life. Can you get more positive than a "plus sign"?!?

The little person that this is for initially told me the fabric (after helping to select it) was "crap" (yep .. charming...) but now having seen the finished cushion has said "man, that's awesome!". I think that's positive.

And I get to finish with the most wonderfully positive news ever, this morning at 6.15am my sister's little baby boy joined the world! (That's a beautiful story that I'll share another time)

Hope you all have a wonderfully positive day - we will, we're off to meet and cuddle a new born!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Today ...

This afternoon I hope to:

sit on the couch

with a hot chocolate,

a DVD (something G rated that all 3 are happy to watch)

and a little bit of binding.

(Yes, I'll be ignoring the washing, the dishes, the bathrooms and the general domestic chaos that is quickly engulfing us. Mum's get school holidays too, don't they ?)
If all goes well I'll show you the finished product tomorrow.....

Hope your day is warm and cozy too


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On Sunday I ....

On Sunday I:

  • hurt my brain (I don't use it often)

  • discovered that I may need glasses

  • started a two day intensive pattern making course at CAE in Melb

  • made a skirt block (and learnt what a skirt block was ! - the base for your skirt patterns that is sized just for you -I didn't know that)

  • drafted a couple of different patterns from the block.

  • started a block for a pair of pants

  • learnt heaps

  • realised that I still know very little (and suspect that my sewing skills may not be up to scratch)

  • Loved it

  • Had fun giggling with a girlfriend who had this wonderful idea in the first place

  • Get to do it all again next Sunday!


  • we're still in our PJ's at 10am (shocking, I know!). I love school holidays!

(just as I typed that my 3 little cherubs erupted into a slapping, screaming arguement over something trivial. I think I just changed my mind!)

Hope you're all enjoying yours.


Friday, 1 April 2011




Fun Bags

Nunga Nungas





Call them what you want. Girls, do you know yours?

Have had an anxious week or two after finding a lump in mine. I was lucky as the ultrasound, mammogram and needle biopsy showed it was benign. Phew!

BUT I found it by accident as I don't check every month. I will now.

So girlie friends go and cop a feel, check them out and get to know them well. Need some tips ? try here.

And for a friend who started chemo today - goodluck, positive vibes and lots of love to you and your tribe!

Have a lovely weekend ladies! Jenny

(I hope this prompts you and your girly friends to have a check!)

PS no pics today - I didn't think a full frontal shot would be good for any of us! Instead go and have a look at yours in the mirror!