Friday, 30 April 2010

Going Green Expo

Did you know that (if you're in Melbourne) there is Going Green Expo on at Jeff's Shed this weekend.
Pop down, have a squiz and see what you can do to make a difference.

When you are there, visit my friend Pam at her Greensacks stand. I know I keep banging on about them but her greensacks are great!

Can we squeeze another expo/show/convention in ? Yeh why not....

Have a great weekend

Thursday, 29 April 2010

In Awe .....

Today my littlest miss (who was an absolute legend and behaved so well throughout the entire adventure - got to love it when that happens) and I ventured into the Australasian Quilt Convention at the Royal Exhibition Building (Melb).

I was blown away by the quilts! OMG! (You may remember I'm very new to this whole quilt bizzo)
The detail, the designs, the teeny, tiny stitches!
Aaahh, so much to learn. Some were intricate pieces of art, they weren't quilts at all.

I took my camera, and forgot about it, but managed to take a pic of one that caught my eye.

It's beautiful and the photo's don't do it justice.
I would love to honour the person who has created this wonderful masterpiece but I didn't write it down or take a shot of the label. Sorry to the amazing, wonderful, nimble fingered goddess (I'm assuming it was a girlie) that created this beautiful piece. I love it and if you ever want to part with it I'll happily give it a home at my house!

It's show central here in Melb - off to Stitches and Craft show next week too, can't wait. Finger's crossed my little miss will be as cooperative then ....
Happy creating

Monday, 19 April 2010

And the winner is ...

With a little help from my miss number 2

(bit more fun than using a random function on the PC

and also helps with some writing practice for my little leftie)

And the winner is .......

NUMBER 1 - Congratulations to Tracey from Bountifully
thanks to all of you who left comments - much appreciated!
Must do another one soon ..

Thursday, 15 April 2010

My Creative Space ...

I love checking out everyone's creative spaces on Kirtsy's blog (you should too! here) so this week have decided to join the list!
It's all denim and hems here...

I need to finish this little pile of kids skirts

hem up this one for a girlfriend on her way home to Scotland for a visit (hmmm hand of machine ????)

make a start on this denim one for the same traveller and pop the green and purple feature panel on the front (she leaves next week so I really should pull my finger out!)

Also, this is my Happy 21st Blog Post!!!!
Woo Hoo - fanfare, streamers, champagne, drunken speeches...
So lets have a giveway! (I'm a giveaway virgin so please be gentle...)
As I spend a lot of time making and thinking about aprons - some may say that's a little sad but I'm cool with it - I think I'll give away a "Cath".
It's a new design and I love it. Named after Mum (they're all named after chicks in the family) because it's simple, straight forward, a little stylish and always there when things get messy - thanks Mum xxx

Anyway if you'ld like to be in it just leave me a comment and I'll draw a winner out on the weekend!
Hope you're all getting creative too (don't forget to check out Kirsty's blog)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Ahh autumn ... I remember you....

Autumn've been hiding, flirting with the remains of summer.

Now I remember you .....

I know I said a big 20th post giveway ... well here is the 20th post (Yay, fanfare and streamers) and ... nothing - sorry about that.
I'm not quite organised yet. Yes I know, what is there to do but say here's a freebie but with school holidays, back to school blah blah blah.
Am getting my head around it and I promise I will do one soon ... maybe later this week. I promise I will .....
Stay tuned...