Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Advent adrenalin

I've been meaning to make an advent calendar for my tribe for years but still there is nothing. My son is 10.
I was inspired by these clever ladies and decided that this is the year.

I planned.
I measured.
I cut.
I appliqued.
I painted.
I got sick of it after about 10 numbers (24 numbers, phew....) so put it aside.

The funny thing about Advent calendars is that they generally start on the 1st December.
Today I realised that it's now Tuesday 29th November.
CRAP!!! (Insert eye roll, sigh and a couple of fruity expletives!)
I've been stuck in "early Nov" all month. Where did November go? Did someone pinch it?
Needless to say there has been some hasty painting and playing and I'm planning to whack it together tomorrow night (as well as finishing off 10 or so aprons for some orders - hence the adrenalin...)
Crikey, I'll also have to get something to put in it......

Ah well, if I don't make it I'll be really organised for next year, won't I?!?

Hope your holiday/festive celebrations are a tad more organised than mine!



Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Still listing ...

Still working through the list.

A bag of buttons, a heap of black hair elastics, a trashed, hand me down school dress (it was washed I promise!) and you end up with some hair ties that have been donated to the school uniform shop.

Hope your lists are under control too.


(you may have noticed the new header ... playing with a few things here which I'll share when the dust settles...)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

working through the list

I have a list.
A list of projects that need to be done.
Some are not finished.
Most are not even started.
I don't like this list - it makes me feel a little AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!
SO I'm going to shorten this list.

A couple of Ink & Spindle cushions for my sister.
The fabric (that she purchased AGES ago) has been eyeballing me for months.
Ticked off the list!