Friday, 14 October 2011

Showing the old girl some love

First of all I should give you a heads up - I'm having a moment.

A silly sentimental moment about my kitchen table.

She's an old girl and I love her so last night I gave her a bit of beeswax attention (and now our house smells of "lavender bees wax" which is big step up from "old dog and 3 kids").

So why is this worthy of a blog post ? Very good question, it probably isn't.

But I'm going to give you the story of this table anyway.

I think my grandfather picked it up 2nd hand for his bride (we're talking late 1920's).
Their 4 kids and gazillion grandkids have all congregated around this table.
Apparently the world stopped for morning tea and afternoon tea at this table every day.
I was allowed to dunk biscuits in (very milky and weak) coffee at this table and felt so BIG.
I learnt to shuffle cards as a kid at this table
I helped make lamingtons at this table.
I watched my grandmother do her ironing on this table.
My sister, as a young girl, scratched her name into this table - it is still there.
Every bump and scratch means something.
I recently found out that Nanny used to make lots of aprons at this table (how funny!).
She passed away in the early '80's and my lovely Great Uncle kept business as usual until the late 90's.
Being a good, country bachelor, he asked that everything be sold at auction after his death. Unfortunately this auction was the same week as we were hoping to buy our first home so every cent we had was tied up in our deposit. I watched the table go and thought what a shame.
We didn't get the house (aah the Melbourne Real Estate market...) so through my Aunty we tracked down the Antique dealer and bought it back.
Then I cried (yep, I'm soft!).
It makes me feel a bit mushy to think that my kids are refusing to eat dinner at the same table that my Dad (who they never met) probably did in the 1940's.
I don't now how old she is but she's lovely and represents a lot of family history. To my kids she's just a table but I think she's more ... like I said I'm soft!

Ok, that's it - moment over.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. she is a beauty to be sure. i'd be very mushy about her if she was mine too! enjoy the weekend.


  2. I have lovely memories of this table and still believe you put it in some sort of shrinking device! I'm sure it seated at least 20 when we were kids. How lucky we are to have such lovely memories of beautiful people!

  3. I absolutely love the story of this table, it's fantastic!! I grew up with a huge dining table, it was from the Officer's Mess off HMAS Melbourne, my father was the commanding officer & snagged plenty of great things, like the 'bell' too. So every night dinner time was actually fine dining at our place, complete with my 1950s 100% dedicated mother making cuisine every evening, candles & music.
    I love that you got the table back, brilliant, complete with your sister's name. Love Posie

  4. A lovely post & a lovely table. It really is fabulous to have some of your family history right there in your dining room, full of memories & helping to make more.

  5. Gorgeous story. Nice table too. I've got a few old family pieces too and they mean the world to me.

  6. I love that table, just the way I like it - worn in. Now, I think you should write your post on the bottom of the table, or have the text printed and placed on the wall somewhere near the table. I glad you had your moment - great post


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