Thursday, 20 October 2011

Still tucking along

A new little "tucked" apron off the production line, ie the kitchen table, which the family would like to see again soon - it's buried under the piles of stuff somewhere...

On Sunday it is the 1st Birthday of the Mulgrave Makers Market (Happy Birthday guys!!) and I'll be there with my Ohjoh goodies.

Come and say hello at Cnr Wellington & Jacksons Rds in Mulgrave on Sunday morning.

Lots of fun, & food, the farmers market is on at the same time, so go on make it a date!

I'll see you there.




  1. so nice! I like how the tucks make an apron look classy.

  2. Very nice red apron indeed, and all the best for the market on the weekend.
    And Jenny, I have also tagged you in one of those 10 things about you, if you have the time and want to join in, would love to see your 10 things

  3. Suddenly feeling the need to do Mulgrave Makers Marketing. Just need to convince the clan!


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