Friday, 7 October 2011

And the winner is .....

It was time to pic a winner.
The kids and I hatched a (cunning) plan that had the kids occupied for a while (and, hey, that's a good thing on the school holidays!).

Create some wonderful designs on paper.

Randomly number them on the back.

Fold and fold and fold some more.

Park them in the hanger.

Launch them one at a time from the deck.

The plane that travelled the furthest ...

is the winner!

Congratulations Quilary!! A piece of Ohjoh is yours.

Thanks to those that left comments. Maybe another one at 150 posts ??




  1. Love your method of selection!!

  2. Best random draw method ever....well nearly....I didn't win. :0(

  3. What a clever way to draw a winner! Thanks to you marvellous kiddies for decorating and making all those paper planes...Thanks Jenny and well done on your blogging milestone...I'm off to go shopping :)

  4. What a fun way to organize a drawing (and little one entertainment). First visit and I love your potholders. Linen is my favorite!


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