Friday, 29 January 2010

Off to school we go ....

Baby number 2 starts school on Monday and a lovely little surprise arrived in the post today.
Very cute bows that won't come undone.
Found on madeit in a shop by Ella-and-Kate . Too cute and presented so nicely with the tissue paper and lovely white box. Thanks!!!!

She will look so cute as she sets out on day one.
Cheers, Jenny

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Green Sacks!

Ok so it's not really Ohjoh news but I wanted to share the joy.

To quote my son "these are awesome!".

Check out my greensacks that I bought from the lovely Pam at the Mulgrave Farmers Market. (A fellow Bizness Babe who is divine! - you've got to love someone that has a brilliant idea, follows it through and makes a business out of it!)

And her bags are awesome! I love that they are washable, reusable, scrunchable, stretchy and that they replace plastic bags! And they hold heaps. What more could we want ?

I just have to remember to keep a stash in my handbag for those impromptu trips to the fruit shop.

Thanks Pam for making it easy for the rest of us to do our little bit and be green.

mmm is this a shameless plug ???? possibly but they are great! Check them out .


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ohjoh Blogs!!!

Well, it's taken a long time, lots of encouragement (thank you girls & boys) and a big dose of "just pull your finger out!" but my world of Ohjoh is now a blog as well!

The plan (yes, and we all know of those best laid plans ....) is to let you know about Ohjoh as it happens. New styles, fabrics, markets and the wonderful things we find and love on the way.

At Ohjoh we LOVE mess!!! (With 3 little kids its inevitable! ) We provide the style to go with the mess.

Domestic Diva's and their little helpers can now look good, feel good and clean up later.

Every little piece of Ohjoh, such as the Domestic Diva Cafe Aprons below, is handmade here in Melbourne.

Hope you enjoy Ohjoh as much as I do!