Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Creative Space

In my Creative Space there has been more playing with free motion stitching in the form of linen pot holders.

And sewing up a couple of "Cath" aprons for an order and a few more for the stock box.

These guys were destined for the market on Sunday but they'll have to wait for next month.

In the juggling act that is life, we've been thrown a basketball this week. So I thought I would continue juggling the "kids", "family", "daughter", "wife", "friend", "mum", "school", "kinder" and "socially acceptable side of sane" balls (amongst others) and put the "market" one down for the moment so that they don't all crash around us.

If you're doing nothing on Sunday and you're in Melbourne why not check out the other lovely people at Mulgrave Makers Market. We'll do our best to be at the next one in October.

Hope your juggling act is under control.

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PS this is post number 99 which means a giveaway for the next one to celebrate the "century"!


  1. I love the grey and free form beautiful

  2. Your free form looks great and love the apron. Life's a juggling act for sure, some day's I've got it other days I drop the ball.

  3. ooo grey makes me happy! thanks for visiting my place, hope you have a go with the shirring elastic! will have to put Mulgrave Markets on the to-do list for next year's Vic Road trip?

  4. I've been wanting to get to Mulgrave for agggges - must put the dates in my diary as I can't make this one.
    Those pot holders are beautiful - too nice to use almost - I think they should hang in a kitchen as an accessory!

  5. Those grey linen potholders look wonderful - very stylish!

  6. I hope the basketball is not too overbearing for you. Let me know if you need a juggling assistant.
    Andi xx

  7. Wow your quilting looks completely fabulous!! Hope all is well :)

  8. Really love your potholders! :)


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