Wednesday, 27 October 2010

One market done ...

Mulgrave Makers Market - done!
A lovely day. Well done to Sue and Fi for organising it so well.
Not looking at the sewing machine for another day or two .... then starting it all over again for the next one on Nov 28th.
If you're in Melb come on down - it will be big!

PS How do some of you girls keep on top of the whole blog thing (note it's Wednesday, the market was Sunday and I'm just updating now)? I'm hard pressed to get a weekly (well, sometimes fortnightly) post done. Is there a secret ? Are your children fed? (joking of course!!)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

My Creative Space...

I wish it was like this...

but it is a crazy mess getting aprons and skirts finished for Sunday's market.

If you're in Melbourne on Sunday head to the Mulgrave Makers Market from 8am until 1pm. They also have their weekly Farmers Market on at the same time so you can get some fabulous fruit & veg and heaps of other yummy goodies. (I'm hoping the sausage people and Benny's berries will be there - Yum)
Make sure you say hello!
Hopefully I'll have some stuff finished to put on the rack.....
Check out lots more creative types at Kirsty's

Thursday, 14 October 2010

My new friend - the red quilt

It's a new friendship.
We're still at the polite, get to know you stage and probably both wondering if we're going to "click".
We haven't seen each other very often as other things "come up" and our get togethers have been getting postponed. Maybe we can make some time this weekend .....

I do love her chooks!