Friday, 25 June 2010

They're Done!!!!!

At last they are finished.

The big order for 50 aprons is all sewn up and ready to be delivered on Monday (yes, it's a school holiday adventure) to the wonderful Kate at Cobbloaf Cafe in Camperdown, VIC.
If you're down that way pop in for coffee & cake (and check out the staff in their new aprons and their new shop reno).

Now that they are done, I ....
  • have a new appreciation for how big the number 50 really is (I really underestimated this!)
  • now know that making, by hand, 50 of the same thing is mind numbing
  • still have an amazing ability to procrastinate - hence the mad panic at the end
  • know that my 3 year old is excellent at "helping" with pins
  • have forgotten what the park looks like
  • have let my 3 year old watch too many dvd's over the last couple of weeks so that I could finish the little monsters
  • need to find the laundry .... it's in there somewhere
  • have a very patient and wonderful family that have tripped over the sewing machine, ironing board and metres of drying fabric that have taken over our kitchen/living area - thanks guys, I love you!
  • have discovered the world of joy that is a rotary cutter. How did I not know about these ?
  • am grateful to Kate for ordering them!
  • am happy to have my life back and the sweat shop closed.

Being a very good business woman (insert tongue in cheek here...) I could invest my earnings back into my little business .......... or I could buy a real, grown-up mixmaster that I've been saving for - for years! (and let the struggling 15yr old, hand held kenwood retire with dignity).

Decisions, decisions .... mixmaster in cherry red or pistachio green ? .....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and great school holidays!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A few little presents

Inspired by Andi's handmade gifts here at PatchAndi, these ones were made by me for a lovely mummy and her little helper.
Happy Birthday Girls!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Creative Space ....

Is looking a lot like a sweat shop.
Big order for lots of aprons but I've left it to the last minute so now bordering on complete panic ... so what I am doing blogging ? mmmm procrastinating perhaps.

Also thought I would show what I picked up from the lovely Louise (Lululollylegs) on Tuesday at Amitie. She is amazingly clever!! I won a prize on her blog earlier this year. Was worth the wait. Louise, I LOVE it!!!! Thankyou!!
Hope you're all having a GREAT day. Check out more creative spaces at Kirsty's.