Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Creative Space ....

Is looking a lot like a sweat shop.
Big order for lots of aprons but I've left it to the last minute so now bordering on complete panic ... so what I am doing blogging ? mmmm procrastinating perhaps.

Also thought I would show what I picked up from the lovely Louise (Lululollylegs) on Tuesday at Amitie. She is amazingly clever!! I won a prize on her blog earlier this year. Was worth the wait. Louise, I LOVE it!!!! Thankyou!!
Hope you're all having a GREAT day. Check out more creative spaces at Kirsty's.


  1. It doesn’t matter how busy you are it is hard to avoid the lure of My Creative Space! Good luck with the last minute sewing.

  2. How are those aprons going?
    Great win over at Louise's.
    Lucky duck!!

  3. Gorgeous pillow!! Thanks for the label referral i will definately check them out. How would we survive without multi - tasking? Elizabeth X

  4. Good luck getting them finished.

  5. Hi there Jenny, looking fabulous over your way.

    Just letting you know I did a little apron post today, including the lovely apron you sent me,


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