Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The great quilt update - Almost there!!!

What a fabulous morning.
I spent the morning with the talented Andi (of Patchandi) who helped with the binding on THE quilt (yep, basically I had no idea and mentioned that I was making it up as I went along and she wisely put a stop to that!)

I have never seen so many beautiful quilts in one place as there is at Andi's house. One very talented chick! And for those that follow Andi - the kitchen is nicer than the pics!
And she's a screaming fast sewer (hence the really blurry photo below .... or it may have just been my appalling photographic skills????). I was faffing about (and talking too much) as the clock was ticking and my youngest was about to be stranded at Occasional Care when Andi got the show on the road and had that sewing machine smoking! And now it's all attached, waiting to be hand sewn and then it will be done. I can hardly believe it!?!?!?
Thanks Andi - you're a star, a treasure and a very clever custard! Hope you like your little apron thank you.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Handmade vs Barbie .....

My smallest Miss (Miss 3) turned 4 on the weekend (aah how time flies ...). Now that I've finished the enormous pile of aprons, I managed to squeeze out some handmade goodies for her birthday.

I have to admit that I think I have issues with instructions .... reading one thing and for no apparent reason doing something completely different - is that a "Poh moment" ?

The book cover pattern I found at Kirsty's. It's straight forward & fabulous, but I still managed to botch it up at step 2 - cutting it out - so had to tweek it a tad and swear a little.
I managed to cut out the Teapot from Jodie's (RicRac) lovely pattern but, again, managed to read one thing and have my head and hands do another, so had to tweek that a little too and swear a little more. Despite finishing it at 1.30am (hence no teacups!) it is still holding up after a couple of days of tea making.

Miss 2 insisted that a(nother!) Barbie also be included in the birthday mix. After some introductions to the rest of the plastic, physically challenged (how can boobs that size stand on feet that small? and who really has a waist like that ?) Barbie clan it was nice to note that the handmade goodies have been given equal billing.

Time for another "pretend" cuppa (all the joy without the bloating sensation that is consecutive cups of tea) ...