Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Not Quite To Plan

I have a market on Sunday and for numerous reasons (one being a bloody big quilt & lack of discipline!) I'm way behind with my stock.
So tonight was going to be a solid one after the kids hit the sack.
Good plan ?!?!? This is as far as I got......

Poor little Miss Number 2 had a "technicolour yawn" - through her entire bed. No, not sharing photo's ... I'll spare you.

Needless to say it's 11.30, the washing machine is washing, the nappy bucket is soaking, the floor is drying, she's alseep in my bed (on a towel) and I think I need a bath in disinfectant.

Going to give the sewing a miss. I'll try again tomorrow (and cross my fingers that it's not contagious and everyone else follows her lead).

Aah the joys of motherhood .....

Goodnight (wasn't that a lovely thing to share....sorry)

Golly, this is post number 18. Mmmm should do something special for number 20 ............


  1. Oh nooo!!!
    Hope everyone had a reasonable night's sleep and that no one else get's the 'yawn'.
    Andi x

  2. Really feel for you. Know just what it is like. We wait all day to be able to sew and then even that does not work out. Hope you were able to get all your sewing done for the markets. Elizabeth X

  3. Not happy times at your house. Hope all is better today. Been a long week here as well. Remind me why I thought this would be a good idea at my age!!!! Hope you have time to get all your creative juices flowing in time for the market.

  4. Oh Jen, how frustrating! Hope it hasn't jumped to the next child! A late night but not for the reason's you were hoping I'm sure. We are away as of Sunday, otherwise I'd loved to have popped in and watched the market expert do her thing. Here's hoping that you get everything done you need to and then sell like a crazy woman to make it all worthwhile. I am in a similar boat trying to get orders finished off before going away, why are we doing this again???


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