Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hot Off The Press for Little Miss Matilda

Something hot off the press for little Miss Matilda that joined our extended family last month.

A little throw inspired by one found on the Anna Maria Horner blog although made with just cotton as I'm plowing through the stash and trying to resist the urge to add to it (very badly, might I add).
A subtle monogram in the middle to keep the fabrics together.
Cotton - I know, what was I thinking for a mum with new baby. Hey, ironing is an optional extra in our house and we love the crushed look. Hope Matilda's mum does too.

Off in the post this arvo.

Looking forward to a cuddle soon.



  1. Nice colours and very useful!

  2. Being the mum of Miss Matilda, I have to tell you, I love it! It arrived today and promptly found a home on the pram on our shopping expedition today. The ladies in Medicare thought it was lovely. I'm very lucky to have such a clever cousin and Tilly is very lucky to be a member of such a lovely extended family. The fabric is divine and i'm thinking of finding a matching green to make a new hood for the pram to match it!


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