Monday, 8 March 2010

Share the love...

A very talented friend has also ventured into the world of the blog.

If you want to see the most beautiful kids wear and accessories check her blog out at Cha Cha Rose or her shop on madeit . She's a very clever cookie!

mmmm... tried to upload a pic of her beautiful work from her blog - aaarrgghhh!
I'm still learning this whole blog thing myself and couldn't do it (yes I'm a technical drip!) Any tips greatly appreciated .....

For those that are having one, hope you're all enjoying the long weekend!



  1. Try dragging a pic from her blog or made it directly onto your desk top then go from there. That's what I do when I can't access my own photo album. Oh and ask permission first lol... I am off to have a look!!

    xo Steph

  2. Hi Jen, thanks so much for your kind words on my stuff, sorry I am absolutely no use re the photo, takes me forever to work out how to get it on my own blog, let alone someone else's!
    Let me know when your next market is, I'd love to drop by if I can but also pop it on my blog, you just may need to give me a bit of notice! lol (I really hope that this means laugh out loud as I've tried to work out what the ehll it meant for ages)...

  3. Thanks Stephanie for the tip !! Will give it a go and try and overcome my lack of blog skill!


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