Sunday, 28 March 2010

Kennel Makeover .... (& Market Rundown)

Chalk, water, dog kennel ....

A crescendo of colour (yes, I had to check the dictionary for that one...)

Does Jezza, our ever patient little friend, approve?

Had the Mulgrave Farmers Market this morning - great weather, happy people and yummy food.

The best bit, other than spending the day with my lovely sister who came for the ride, was that my stall was next to Pam from Greensacks. Laughed and talked the entire morning - got to love that woman! And that product! Check them out they're brilliant - and you can buy them online too ... go on you know you want them !! (helps the planet too .....)

Made these little skirts and sold them all! Got to love that. Didn't even get a chance to pop them on either etsy or madeit. Will have to make some more.

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend.


PS think I might do my first ever giveway for post number 20 .......hmmm.... this is number 19 ... watch this space ........


  1. Hey Jen. Glad you had a good market.
    I still want you to make me a skirt at some stage. Maybe after I get back from our holidays we can catch up!!
    Andi :-)

  2. Wow, great job selling your skirts all at once, they look so bright and gorgeous. I've only done one market but I had a ball there and sold stuff!! Double bonus.

  3. FUN! How exciting to sell all of your skirts! I really want to try selling some things at a flea market. Do you feel like you sell more at the market or on Etsy?

  4. Skirts look great - well done for selling them all at the markets. Kids sure look like they have had fun colouring in the kennel, surely Jezza will approve? Elizabeth

  5. Hello, it's me again. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your input about Etsy and markets. My sister lives near Chicago and there is a huge flea market there once a month all summer. It's called the Kane County Flea Market. I think that we are going to try that this sumer. It is so much fun to visit.
    have a wonderful day!!!

  6. Hey Jenny, trying to catch up on everyone after being away for last week and the hols are already nearly ova!!! That's fantastic about your skirts at the market, would really love to catch up in the next couple of weeks for a chat and hear all about your sucessful day at the market, the skirts look awesome, will call soon...

  7. Our dog only comes over traumatised when the anklebiters have a kennel redecorating brainwave. Though she's never recovered since the youngest started hanging out in there to read.

    Well done on the markety skirt thing!


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