Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Great Quilt Update - 1

Well, I love it!
There it's said, it's out there .... should I be terrified ?
I should be! Instead of making aprons and kids skirts for the next market I'm sneaking off to hand quilt instead. I am so going to have some ugly late nights before market day ....

BUT in the mean time my son and I are having a lovely time playing with ideas to whack on the quilt. He now wants to add some favourite Roald Dahl characters which has me tracing Quentin Blake illustrations ..... is this getting out of hand ?

All really clever quilters please turn away now as I don't want to offend with my rough house stitching and "let's just make it up as we go along" approach.
He may get it before Christmas ......


  1. I've been thinking about hand quilting a quilt for my daughter, I'm unsure about the type of thread to use, what are you using? If you don't mind me asking. Your sons quilt look gorgeous, can't wait to see a photo of the whole thing, I love the black and white and green together.

  2. Hi Kirtsy
    I'm using DMC cotton perle 8 (that's what's written in the back) which is what Jenny at Amitie recommended. It's lovely to use.


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