Saturday, 20 March 2010

A wrap for Wil

I love these wraps - I wish I had one when my 3 were tiny babies.

Needless to say anyone in our circle who is currently growing a bump, chances are you will be getting one of these!

They're fun to make, practical and too cute. Thanks Anna Maria Horner for the idea! And I love doing the binding. I had never made my own until I did Matilda's. It's so easy and lots of fun! Now I'm looking to bind anything within arms reach!
The last two that I made were hand stitched together in the middle but I cheated on this one and used the machine. So much quicker (the way I hand stitch)!

This one will be off to Wil in the post on Monday. Hope his Mum likes it.

Now I really must churn out some aprons (maybe with some binding .....)

ps Yes I am in love with that Pinata fabric. I tried to look for something else but I keep coming back to it. I should've bought the bolt!


  1. Jenny, your fabric selection in the last three wraps is just gorgeous :)

  2. Hi Jenny, these wraps are soo cute, wish I knew someone having babies to buy one from you. There sure seem to be a lot in your family and a great excuse to buy fabric and sew, you should include these in your market stall!


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