Sunday, 28 March 2010

Kennel Makeover .... (& Market Rundown)

Chalk, water, dog kennel ....

A crescendo of colour (yes, I had to check the dictionary for that one...)

Does Jezza, our ever patient little friend, approve?

Had the Mulgrave Farmers Market this morning - great weather, happy people and yummy food.

The best bit, other than spending the day with my lovely sister who came for the ride, was that my stall was next to Pam from Greensacks. Laughed and talked the entire morning - got to love that woman! And that product! Check them out they're brilliant - and you can buy them online too ... go on you know you want them !! (helps the planet too .....)

Made these little skirts and sold them all! Got to love that. Didn't even get a chance to pop them on either etsy or madeit. Will have to make some more.

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend.


PS think I might do my first ever giveway for post number 20 .......hmmm.... this is number 19 ... watch this space ........

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Not Quite To Plan

I have a market on Sunday and for numerous reasons (one being a bloody big quilt & lack of discipline!) I'm way behind with my stock.
So tonight was going to be a solid one after the kids hit the sack.
Good plan ?!?!? This is as far as I got......

Poor little Miss Number 2 had a "technicolour yawn" - through her entire bed. No, not sharing photo's ... I'll spare you.

Needless to say it's 11.30, the washing machine is washing, the nappy bucket is soaking, the floor is drying, she's alseep in my bed (on a towel) and I think I need a bath in disinfectant.

Going to give the sewing a miss. I'll try again tomorrow (and cross my fingers that it's not contagious and everyone else follows her lead).

Aah the joys of motherhood .....

Goodnight (wasn't that a lovely thing to share....sorry)

Golly, this is post number 18. Mmmm should do something special for number 20 ............

Saturday, 20 March 2010

A wrap for Wil

I love these wraps - I wish I had one when my 3 were tiny babies.

Needless to say anyone in our circle who is currently growing a bump, chances are you will be getting one of these!

They're fun to make, practical and too cute. Thanks Anna Maria Horner for the idea! And I love doing the binding. I had never made my own until I did Matilda's. It's so easy and lots of fun! Now I'm looking to bind anything within arms reach!
The last two that I made were hand stitched together in the middle but I cheated on this one and used the machine. So much quicker (the way I hand stitch)!

This one will be off to Wil in the post on Monday. Hope his Mum likes it.

Now I really must churn out some aprons (maybe with some binding .....)

ps Yes I am in love with that Pinata fabric. I tried to look for something else but I keep coming back to it. I should've bought the bolt!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Great Quilt Update 2

Ok, it's getting a little out of hand. I'm avoiding aprons and skirts because I'm rushing off to handquilt instead. Usually I sew at night when the helpers are asleep but I've been sitting on the couch doing lots of little stitches instead.

Yes it is fun but I'm going to have some hell nights ahead of me before the next market....'sigh'.

The Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake collection ... a bit ambitious for a first quilt but my little boy is happy and tells me that he can make out George so that's good enough for me.
If you use your imagination you may be able to make out George walking up the stairs with his marvelous medicine, the car that Danny drove and (the almost finished) Caravan that Danny and his Dad lived in from "Danny The Champion Of The World".
There'a Mr Fox and a peach on their way too when I get around to them.

PS The working through the stash thing had a little Amitie setback .... very nice fabric though...and I really did need it ... and I will use it ... and I won't be going back for ages...well not tomorrow anyway....

Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Wrap For Jamie

My little nephew is home at last after an extended stay in hospital (3months - very prem) and we're all VERY excited.

So a trip to Amitie today (I know , I know I said I would work through my stash but this is a bit special ...) and a wrap (as per Matilda's - see last post) to take to them tomorrow - with a multitude of gifts and cards from my 3 excited little "cousins".

Can't wait to cuddle the little man!

(Sorry the colours in the pics are shocking - taken using my phone at night. Trust me, they look much better in real life.....)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hot Off The Press for Little Miss Matilda

Something hot off the press for little Miss Matilda that joined our extended family last month.

A little throw inspired by one found on the Anna Maria Horner blog although made with just cotton as I'm plowing through the stash and trying to resist the urge to add to it (very badly, might I add).
A subtle monogram in the middle to keep the fabrics together.
Cotton - I know, what was I thinking for a mum with new baby. Hey, ironing is an optional extra in our house and we love the crushed look. Hope Matilda's mum does too.

Off in the post this arvo.

Looking forward to a cuddle soon.


Monday, 8 March 2010

Share the love...

A very talented friend has also ventured into the world of the blog.

If you want to see the most beautiful kids wear and accessories check her blog out at Cha Cha Rose or her shop on madeit . She's a very clever cookie!

mmmm... tried to upload a pic of her beautiful work from her blog - aaarrgghhh!
I'm still learning this whole blog thing myself and couldn't do it (yes I'm a technical drip!) Any tips greatly appreciated .....

For those that are having one, hope you're all enjoying the long weekend!


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Great Quilt Update - 1

Well, I love it!
There it's said, it's out there .... should I be terrified ?
I should be! Instead of making aprons and kids skirts for the next market I'm sneaking off to hand quilt instead. I am so going to have some ugly late nights before market day ....

BUT in the mean time my son and I are having a lovely time playing with ideas to whack on the quilt. He now wants to add some favourite Roald Dahl characters which has me tracing Quentin Blake illustrations ..... is this getting out of hand ?

All really clever quilters please turn away now as I don't want to offend with my rough house stitching and "let's just make it up as we go along" approach.
He may get it before Christmas ......