Wednesday, 18 May 2011

No Pressure

My sister couldn't find the right skirt for a wedding so I said I'd whip one up for her.

I have a big mouth.

She flies out Friday lunchtime.

She will pick it up tomorrow.

I bought fabric today.

No pressure ..... Aaaargh!

Did I say that I have a big mouth?

I went to "The House Of Franke Stuart" in Hawthorn this morning. Beautiful fabric. Loved it. The little helper hated it.

The swirly, woolly stuff might be a skirt for me .....

DVD on, must go and sew up the skirt and learn to keep my mouth shut or at least give myself more time!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Another baby wrap

Not a lot of creative wonderfulness happening around here.
Lots ideas and projects in my head but not much output as the new spectacles and I become friends - which is a slow process!
I don't think we're bonding.
May have something to do with the snorts and giggles from others in the house when I wear them .... Hmmm, that and the dizzy re-focussing bits when you look up from your work. Damn being over 40!
I did manage to finish a baby wrap/throw for my little nephew, which the helper and I will deliver tomorrow.
And here is my little helper with the aftermath of her splinter. The neighbours may have thought that I was amputating a limb without anaesthetic but all is better now with the magical bandaid.

(Is it just me or does blogger take it upon itself to format in it's own way????)

Hope your day is great

Saturday, 14 May 2011

I love a tablecloth

There, I've said it!

Not everyday but somedays they are just the thing.

I love that at my house they're more than just a tablecloth.

They're kid's cubby houses inside on a wet day.

They're funky covers to hide the wet washing, hanging to dry over the heating ducts in winter.

They're ways to create a special family dinner in an instant.

They're bright, smiley fun.

Maybe other people like them too, so I've popped these in the shop.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Seeing the light ....

or getting older and this is the beginning of the end?!?!?

How much easier is it to see what you're sewing or reading when you have these !

But I have to go as I can now also see my eyebrows! Good god!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lucky Me!

I love you, my little family!

Thankyou for a lovely Mother's Day and thankyou for taking very obvious hints (such as "Can I please have this book?!?!?") and giving me this little beauty this morning.

I love it!

Now I think I'll join Tanya and work my way through the book.

I'll try really hard to follow the instructions ... which are great by the way - Nikki's instructions are always great - I'm just not good at having my hands do what my head is reading...

Hope you & yours had a wonderful Mother's Day too.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Quilt Number 4

Hopefully it is on his cot before he's riding his own bike!

My 2 week old nephew is just beautiful! And yes, they are tractors on his suit - his Pop would be proud!

I just want to cuddle him all day! No, I'm not clucky - I have a ferocious, strong willed and VERY determined 4 yr old to bring me back to reality. My baby shop is well and truly shut!

Hope you're having a great day