Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Quilt Number 4

Hopefully it is on his cot before he's riding his own bike!

My 2 week old nephew is just beautiful! And yes, they are tractors on his suit - his Pop would be proud!

I just want to cuddle him all day! No, I'm not clucky - I have a ferocious, strong willed and VERY determined 4 yr old to bring me back to reality. My baby shop is well and truly shut!

Hope you're having a great day



  1. Another gorgeous quilt.
    You are becoming quite the quilty expert!!

  2. oh that is adorable, love the colours, love the bikes, great work

  3. Oh sweet little man!!! Great quilt - love the colours and design - very fresh and I'm sure he will love it for a very long time!!


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