Monday, 16 May 2011

Another baby wrap

Not a lot of creative wonderfulness happening around here.
Lots ideas and projects in my head but not much output as the new spectacles and I become friends - which is a slow process!
I don't think we're bonding.
May have something to do with the snorts and giggles from others in the house when I wear them .... Hmmm, that and the dizzy re-focussing bits when you look up from your work. Damn being over 40!
I did manage to finish a baby wrap/throw for my little nephew, which the helper and I will deliver tomorrow.
And here is my little helper with the aftermath of her splinter. The neighbours may have thought that I was amputating a limb without anaesthetic but all is better now with the magical bandaid.

(Is it just me or does blogger take it upon itself to format in it's own way????)

Hope your day is great


  1. awww, that poor finger. We had a splinter today and I was asked to get it out with the tongs (tweezers).

  2. Love the fabric! You're becoming quite the pro at these wraps - I love mine.

  3. very cute wrap, that's a great pressie. And I don't understand blogger well enough to answer!


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