Friday, 31 December 2010


Life is full of stuff.
Good stuff.
Great Stuff.
Crappy stuff.
Amazing stuff.
Wonderful & breathtakingly beautiful stuff.
Heartbreaking stuff.
Really hard ugly stuff.

To my special few (you know who you are), thanks for helping with my stuff. You are amazing and deeply appreciated. xx

Thanks everyone for popping in and checking out Ohjoh during the year.
Have a lovely 2011!!
May your stuff be of the good variety

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Still Getting Festive

A production line on the table with big kids creating and a 4yr old sprinkling glitter.
Hand made christmas cards (yes Mum didn't get it together to buy some) for the school kiddies!
Our floor will shine with blue sparkles for months
(which may be saying too much about my housekeeping skills ...)
Hope there are sparkly creations at your place too.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

For the teachers...

A trip to Amitie today and the thankyou presents for teachers are all done!

Foodie goodies wrapped in tea-towels for kinder all wrapped and waiting (so I don't eat the Turkish Delight!) and for the two most wonderful primary teachers in the world (if only we could have them again next year.....) a little linen tote bag to ferry around their teacher stuff.

Now onto the next project ......

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Getting Festive....

3 kids + 1 hole punch + a couple of pairs of scissors + coloured paper + a piece of string
Lots of mess (or if you're a kid, lots of confetti that is still following me around the house)

a really pretty snowflake garland (which is not that relevant to a Christmas in Australia as it is currently hovering around 30 degrees C - and my kids have never even seen snow!) but all are happy!