Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Still Getting Festive

A production line on the table with big kids creating and a 4yr old sprinkling glitter.
Hand made christmas cards (yes Mum didn't get it together to buy some) for the school kiddies!
Our floor will shine with blue sparkles for months
(which may be saying too much about my housekeeping skills ...)
Hope there are sparkly creations at your place too.


  1. SOOOOO much better than bought ones.
    All the other school mums will be super impressed!!
    I know I am!!

    PS What are you doing lunchtime Thursday?

  2. I like the home made ones much better than the bought.
    And I know our floors are going to be sparkly for months to come too.

  3. They look so great. Bet the kids loved helping to make these to? I am not sure if I am even going to get mine sent this year...miracles do happen!! Have a wonderful Chistmas with your family. Elizabeth x

  4. Feeling guilty I bought mine now. They look great.


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