Friday, 26 February 2010

Start them young....

There she was happily cutting old mags and having a lovely time.
It all went quiet as my back was turned and Miss 3 left the table (or shall we call it the scene of the crime?) and ever so sweetly came over for a cuddle.
Yes, trying to soften me up before I realised that she had moved on from paper!

Shame she had only worn this new top twice!!
Who would have thought that kiddy craft scissors could be so effective.
This is my attempt at salvaging it with what was floating in the fabric stash.
Now lets see if she'll wear it.... she's 3 so it's anyone's guess!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Oh WOW!!!

Have just popped into blog world to escape from the world of a 3yr old with spots - yes a long day and night - and found such a lovely surprise.

I have won a lovely surprise from Louise from Lululollylegs.

Wonderful !!!! I nearly fell off my chair !!

A perfect way to end a very long, itchy & spotty day.

Thanks Louise!


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

To market, to market ......

Some newies that will hit the rack on Sunday at the Mulgrave Farmers Market (8am - 1pm Sunday 21st Feb)

If you're around please pop in and say Hi!


Monday, 15 February 2010

Quilting tips from a beginner....

When hand-quilting, don't try and watch a DVD with subtitles at the same time.

Despite some unpicking it seems to be coming along nicely. I think this is what they're supposed to look like .......

Loving it but such a long way to go...

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Quilting - I said it would never happen......

I've always said that I don't quilt. I don't quite get it or the obsession with it.

Wiser women than me just gave a knowing smile and said "not yet....", "you will...."


The urge has been there for some time. I've looked at the quilts in my local fabric haven (or is that heaven ??) Amitie - yes I am lucky aren't I - and am in awe of their skill.

So I jumped in head first on Saturday. Jenny at Amitie was divine and helped with fabrics and heaps of tips as I have no idea what I'm doing. She's so patient!

It's all cut & stitched together with the help of Kiddie no. 1 - it's for his bed. And we loved doing it.

Now to start the hand quilting and I'm feeling very nervous..... have I chosen the right colours? Can I do it properly? Will I finish it before he gets his drivers license ?

Any advice from super quilters would be greatly appreciated.

Watch this space for the great quilt update ...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Phew... what a busy morning!

Baby no. 3 headed off to Occasional Care this morning leaving me with 3 hours to myself - a wonderfully strange feeling after always having little people around.

I evaluated my options:
  1. dishes
  2. washing
  3. beds & floors
  4. ignore the lot and sew like a mad woman for 3 hours

Yes, it was an easy decision.

And I loved it !!! Music blaring from the stereo (thanks Nick & George (ie Cave & Michael) for sharing the morning) sewing stuff all over the place. Perfect ME time!

I'm still surrounded by mess and chaos but now have a few more things to put in the tub for this month's market.

And to make it even more perfect the postie delivered a little parcel of buttons from The Haby Goddess (thanks Jodie) so that I can finish the skirts with self covered buttons.

Mmmm now to tackle the dishes ......

Sunday, 7 February 2010

At last it's finished !!!!!

To my dear (and VERY patient) friend Dale, at last I have finished "IT"!

"IT" being a thank you denim skirt.

Dale's a graphic's wiz and helped me with some stuff (gotta love girls with talent!) and her thank you skirt has been on my to do list for far toooooooo long.
I can't keep it from you ... Dale and I bought the feature fabric almost 10 months ago (or was it longer) .... shameful!
But now it's done! YAY!!!
Isn't it funny how these projects haunt you until you make the time to fnish them. You then feel so great that they're done, you wonder why you didn't just pull your finger out in the first place and do it.

Anyway, I think it's pretty cool. Hope she loves it!

Thanks Dale - you're a treasure. xxx


Monday, 1 February 2010

Baby Love Letters

On Christmas morning my lovely, little nephew entered the world MUCH earlier than expected - by many months!

Not knowing how to help, beyond the obvious, I made him what we now call a "Baby Love Letter".

His was a J and featured:
  • a star - so that he would grow to be a bright star

  • balloons - so that his lungs would be big and strong

  • a heart - so that he has a happy and strong heart

  • a CFC logo on the heart (yes blatant brainwashing from an extended family of Carlton supporters)

  • his date of birth

  • everyone in our family placed a handful of stuffing inside with a wish for him to be be strong, healthy & happy
Yes, we're a sentimental bunch! It was very cute but pre-blog so I don't have any pics and it's now on his crib in hospital (- and he's doing really well if you were wondering. So cute and so tiny!)

Another girlfriend has a new little man also in hospital so I've made him this "L" which I'll deliver tomorrow.

And another baby in the family is due this week. Ooh another letter.... I wonder which one ...

I should really be making aprons and skirts for Feb's market but these are so much fun ...