Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Phew... what a busy morning!

Baby no. 3 headed off to Occasional Care this morning leaving me with 3 hours to myself - a wonderfully strange feeling after always having little people around.

I evaluated my options:
  1. dishes
  2. washing
  3. beds & floors
  4. ignore the lot and sew like a mad woman for 3 hours

Yes, it was an easy decision.

And I loved it !!! Music blaring from the stereo (thanks Nick & George (ie Cave & Michael) for sharing the morning) sewing stuff all over the place. Perfect ME time!

I'm still surrounded by mess and chaos but now have a few more things to put in the tub for this month's market.

And to make it even more perfect the postie delivered a little parcel of buttons from The Haby Goddess (thanks Jodie) so that I can finish the skirts with self covered buttons.

Mmmm now to tackle the dishes ......

1 comment:

  1. Hooray for me-time!! Enjoy the sewing!
    I'm finding it weird to have WHOLE DAYS to work now that kinder has started. It's amazing how much can be done!!

    Re: selvages (on my blog) - I give the non-print sides of selvage to kinders (along with all my fabric scraps, cardboard tubes, small cardboard boxes etc) but keep the printy sides for crafty folk.


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