Monday, 1 February 2010

Baby Love Letters

On Christmas morning my lovely, little nephew entered the world MUCH earlier than expected - by many months!

Not knowing how to help, beyond the obvious, I made him what we now call a "Baby Love Letter".

His was a J and featured:
  • a star - so that he would grow to be a bright star

  • balloons - so that his lungs would be big and strong

  • a heart - so that he has a happy and strong heart

  • a CFC logo on the heart (yes blatant brainwashing from an extended family of Carlton supporters)

  • his date of birth

  • everyone in our family placed a handful of stuffing inside with a wish for him to be be strong, healthy & happy
Yes, we're a sentimental bunch! It was very cute but pre-blog so I don't have any pics and it's now on his crib in hospital (- and he's doing really well if you were wondering. So cute and so tiny!)

Another girlfriend has a new little man also in hospital so I've made him this "L" which I'll deliver tomorrow.

And another baby in the family is due this week. Ooh another letter.... I wonder which one ...

I should really be making aprons and skirts for Feb's market but these are so much fun ...


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