Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New stuff isn't always easy but can be delightfully messy

My lovely family gave me an experience as a Christmas gift.
A 3 day pottery course at the Fremantle Arts Centre.
Not a voucher but an actual course
for 3 whole Saturdays,
in January
on school holidays
kid free
to play on my own
Such a huge gift.
The Mr works during school holidays which means that weekends are our only family time.
Giving me 3 of those days to have completely to myself was generous, unexpected, amazing and fabulous.  Thank you lovely family of mine xxx

The only pottery I have ever done was free hand stuff at school that could be generously described as "interesting" so three days throwing with a wheel was all very new to me.
And quite tricky!
I have new found respect for ceramic artists and potters who make it look so simple and produce such amazing pieces.

After meeting our tutor Stewart (who was great!) this, in true WA style, was the next creature that I met.  A very hungry lizard that had been accidentally shut in the ceramics studio over the Christmas break.  He was happily escorted from the building to find a meal in the scrub outside.

Pottery is a messy business especially for those that were sitting near me.
There was water and sloppy clay flying everywhere during the first week and a lot of embarrassed laughter and apologising.
I did improve over the next two weeks.  Hmm, maybe improve is being very generous ... perhaps I should just say I became less messy.
I have some very funny shaped creations that will hopefully be coming home this week.  They have what our teacher described as "attitude" and we will just stick with that.  Let's just say that I have embraced the "wonk" and successfully let go of my need for symmetry.

If you are in or around Perth I would recommend the Fremantle Arts Centre.  The facilities are great, staff lovely and parking was easy (which did surprise me).

If you are not in WA you should give pottery a go if only for the new found appreciation you will have of another person's craft.

Oh, and for the look on your children's faces when you show them what you have made.
Their mouths will say "wow Mum that looks great" but their eye's, smirking expression and sneaky giggles will tell you otherwise.  Entertaining for all of us.


  1. Super impressive work Jen! How were your arms at the end? Lx


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