Thursday, 15 April 2010

My Creative Space ...

I love checking out everyone's creative spaces on Kirtsy's blog (you should too! here) so this week have decided to join the list!
It's all denim and hems here...

I need to finish this little pile of kids skirts

hem up this one for a girlfriend on her way home to Scotland for a visit (hmmm hand of machine ????)

make a start on this denim one for the same traveller and pop the green and purple feature panel on the front (she leaves next week so I really should pull my finger out!)

Also, this is my Happy 21st Blog Post!!!!
Woo Hoo - fanfare, streamers, champagne, drunken speeches...
So lets have a giveway! (I'm a giveaway virgin so please be gentle...)
As I spend a lot of time making and thinking about aprons - some may say that's a little sad but I'm cool with it - I think I'll give away a "Cath".
It's a new design and I love it. Named after Mum (they're all named after chicks in the family) because it's simple, straight forward, a little stylish and always there when things get messy - thanks Mum xxx

Anyway if you'ld like to be in it just leave me a comment and I'll draw a winner out on the weekend!
Hope you're all getting creative too (don't forget to check out Kirsty's blog)


  1. happy 21st! That green and purple fabric is delicious.

  2. aprons are cool, and especially useful for us messy creative folk!

  3. I think the traveller is being well looked after! Now don't be shy about those aprons- I love your naming system. Happy 21st to you

  4. Happy 21st! And welcome to Blogland. I hope you've found this place warm and welcoming since you've started blogging. And I love that green and purple feature fabric!

  5. I love aprons! I've posted several on my blog just recently and have several more in pieces around my home. I love the gray skirt in the middle picture.

  6. OOh, I love an apron! Especially one named after a real cooking type person (and my culinary skills are always infinitely improved while wearing apronage). Happy 21st to you!

  7. The green and purple fabric is great! Happy 21st

  8. Happy 21st!! Nothing quite like sewing on a time limit. Love that purple, it will look great on the denim.

  9. Happy 21st!!! Hope the next 21 are just as successful and filled with happiness, joy and colourful fabric!

    Have just spent some delightful time looking over all your past projects. You have such a great way with fabric and colour. Just love it!

  10. How funny to give one lucky blogger a present when it's your blog birthday hehe... I love all that denim I have been busy working with some myself... does my head in but I can;t help but be drawn to it!!

    xo Steph

  11. Hey, any chance you can change you blogger settings, so when you live a comment it leaves your email address not just 'no reply'-If you go into your profile page there is a list of
    View Profile
    Edit Profile
    Edit Photo
    Edit Notifications
    go into edit profile and you can add your email address- I think that's how to do it.

    sorry to write that as a comment, but i couldn't email you!

  12. Hi tanya
    Thanks for the tip, will give it a go (am still the Blogger novice....)

  13. Hi Jenny,
    no worries about l plates, I think I have just got my p's! still comes up as no reply. You keep playing and I will have another look tonight.

  14. Hi Tanya
    Think I've found it ......
    Let me know
    many thanks!!!


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