Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Holiday Monsters

Read into that what you will .....It's a wet and miserable day here so we found a way to keep holiday monsters entertained....

Rumage through the fabric scrap stash & pick what you want.
Cut them as you want and sew them together (yes, I let them loose on the Janome. They were VERY excited!)
Add your monster face and trace out your monster shape on the back. Sew it to your chosen backing fabric (with a bit of help) Cut around your monster shapeClip and turn (and use chop sticks as weapons)Go a bit crazy with the stuffing (our house is very fluffy at the moment)Stitch up the hole. This was the big boy's first go with a needle and thread. He has is own style and was happy.A successful holiday afternoon (ie no sibling bickering for 3 whole hours - unbelievable!)Now to clean up the mess - they're watching Star Wars with their monsters.
Hope your holidays are great.


  1. Oh they are fabulous! I think I'll have to show my brood and see if they would like to make monsters too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Fantastic activity!! And a great end result!!
    Think I'll have to do this with my gingies!!
    Andi x

  3. I had to come back and show you ours...

    Thanks again for the inspiration. It will take me a few cups of coffee to recover. The kids are now all happy with their monsters.

  4. I love your monsters so much Jenny!
    Your gang did so well. They must have been thrilled with them selves.
    Mine might have to have a go over the weekend too.
    happy, happy.

  5. That's an awesome afternoon - and no bickering, now that sounds like heaven!


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