Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On Sunday I ....

On Sunday I:

  • hurt my brain (I don't use it often)

  • discovered that I may need glasses

  • started a two day intensive pattern making course at CAE in Melb

  • made a skirt block (and learnt what a skirt block was ! - the base for your skirt patterns that is sized just for you -I didn't know that)

  • drafted a couple of different patterns from the block.

  • started a block for a pair of pants

  • learnt heaps

  • realised that I still know very little (and suspect that my sewing skills may not be up to scratch)

  • Loved it

  • Had fun giggling with a girlfriend who had this wonderful idea in the first place

  • Get to do it all again next Sunday!


  • we're still in our PJ's at 10am (shocking, I know!). I love school holidays!

(just as I typed that my 3 little cherubs erupted into a slapping, screaming arguement over something trivial. I think I just changed my mind!)

Hope you're all enjoying yours.


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  1. Can't wait to hear more about your class. Sounds ACE.


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