Friday, 26 February 2010

Start them young....

There she was happily cutting old mags and having a lovely time.
It all went quiet as my back was turned and Miss 3 left the table (or shall we call it the scene of the crime?) and ever so sweetly came over for a cuddle.
Yes, trying to soften me up before I realised that she had moved on from paper!

Shame she had only worn this new top twice!!
Who would have thought that kiddy craft scissors could be so effective.
This is my attempt at salvaging it with what was floating in the fabric stash.
Now lets see if she'll wear it.... she's 3 so it's anyone's guess!


  1. fantastic recovery. My 3 year old cut a quilt I had made...good ol' kiddie craft scissors!

  2. If she doesn't wear it I will put my hand up hehe!! Great design too!!

    xo Steph


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