Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Wrap For Jamie

My little nephew is home at last after an extended stay in hospital (3months - very prem) and we're all VERY excited.

So a trip to Amitie today (I know , I know I said I would work through my stash but this is a bit special ...) and a wrap (as per Matilda's - see last post) to take to them tomorrow - with a multitude of gifts and cards from my 3 excited little "cousins".

Can't wait to cuddle the little man!

(Sorry the colours in the pics are shocking - taken using my phone at night. Trust me, they look much better in real life.....)


  1. That’s fabulous fabric, he’s going be one stylish little guy!

  2. A gorgeous gift!!!
    Can't believe all the posts I've missed.
    Your blog had mysteriously fallen off my blog roll.
    All fixed now.
    Looking forward to a crafty catch up.
    Andi :-)


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