Friday, 25 June 2010

They're Done!!!!!

At last they are finished.

The big order for 50 aprons is all sewn up and ready to be delivered on Monday (yes, it's a school holiday adventure) to the wonderful Kate at Cobbloaf Cafe in Camperdown, VIC.
If you're down that way pop in for coffee & cake (and check out the staff in their new aprons and their new shop reno).

Now that they are done, I ....
  • have a new appreciation for how big the number 50 really is (I really underestimated this!)
  • now know that making, by hand, 50 of the same thing is mind numbing
  • still have an amazing ability to procrastinate - hence the mad panic at the end
  • know that my 3 year old is excellent at "helping" with pins
  • have forgotten what the park looks like
  • have let my 3 year old watch too many dvd's over the last couple of weeks so that I could finish the little monsters
  • need to find the laundry .... it's in there somewhere
  • have a very patient and wonderful family that have tripped over the sewing machine, ironing board and metres of drying fabric that have taken over our kitchen/living area - thanks guys, I love you!
  • have discovered the world of joy that is a rotary cutter. How did I not know about these ?
  • am grateful to Kate for ordering them!
  • am happy to have my life back and the sweat shop closed.

Being a very good business woman (insert tongue in cheek here...) I could invest my earnings back into my little business .......... or I could buy a real, grown-up mixmaster that I've been saving for - for years! (and let the struggling 15yr old, hand held kenwood retire with dignity).

Decisions, decisions .... mixmaster in cherry red or pistachio green ? .....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and great school holidays!



  1. Good on you Jen!!!
    They will be the best looking team in town.
    (And my vote is for the cherry red mixmaster, of course).
    Andi x

  2. Congrats Jen knew you could do it???
    i agree with andi Cherry red is the colour

  3. WOWZERS woman! I too can appreciate the number fifty. You must be walking on cloud nine! Now, although my default would always be red, there's something about cooking and pistachio green or duck egg blue that really takes the cake. Ahem.

  4. Good on you Jen, amazing effort. Enjoy the break, you deserve it. Luv Jodie

  5. Well Done on the 50.
    Relax and enjoy now :)
    I've got cream, but red would be nice too.

  6. What an amazing effort ..and how good do they look?? Wow. I can totally relate. i have cut out 20 dolls in the last two days, taken over the dining table and kids free too mess up the whole house..and the washing yes that is another story. Well done to you and the amazing rotary cutter. Elizabeth x

  7. I am sooooo impressed that you finished and they look absolutely gorgeous - very sophisticated!! Well done!!


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