Thursday, 29 September 2011

Happy 100 Giveaway!!!

Happy 100!!

Who would have thought we'd ever get to 100 posts ???

There were times when I didn't.

To be honest, this blog started as a way to explore and promote my little ohjoh apron/clothing business but it quickly morphed into something else.

It now tends to be about what I make and feel like making and the odd little snippets into the crazy world of ohjoh. (Oh the things I "could have", "should have" and "glad i didn't" blog about!)

It is also an amazing source of inspiration! Man, you guys are clever! From quilts to bags to crocheted collars for trees. I am always impressed, inspired and amazed! Thanks!

And if we're throwing some honesty out there, this little blog has given me a quiet sanctuary from the craziness that sometimes is life. Hmm, maybe it has helped me keep a grip on the socially acceptable side of sane ??? (Yes, they are snorts of disbelief that you can hear coming from my family!)

But enough navel gazing.... it is GIVEAWAY time!!!

Just a simple giveaway to say thanks for popping by over the last 100.

Leave a comment by end of Wednesday 5th Oct and I'll randomly draw a winner next Thursday 6th Oct.

What do you win?? Your choice of something from my shop.


Happy school holidays people! (we're expecting a visit from the chicken pox virus - hmm yes, we're all so excited!)



PS I'm also celebrating with free shipping within Aust for Sept/Oct.


  1. I love that red and white apron - gorgeous. Too glamorous to ruin in the kitchen.

  2. I'm so glad you got blogging.
    If nothing else, it has kept us in touch!
    And I love keeping up with all your gorgeous stitching.
    Hope life is treating you and the family kindly today.
    Andi xx

  3. Well said. I've sort of morphed over my blogging time too. Still love doing it and seeing what everyone else is up to.
    Excellent giveaway.
    Bother about the chicken pox.

  4. 1. How spiffy is that apron?!

    2. The blogging thing snuck up on me too. I don't think I ever knew it would provide so much free THERAPY!

    3. I was just telling my Mum of one of my fondest childhood memories. All four of us kids down with chicken pox (all came down on the first day of term after the summer holidays - poor Mum). I can remember a grand adventure out - to the Drive In. I think we saw Footloose. Lounging in the back of our car clad in jim jams and calamine lotion...

  5. Congratulations on your 100 posts. I like the chattiness of blogs as well as the creativity that is out there. Thank heaven for bookmarks!
    I was visited by chicken pox one year - it stayed for 8 weeks (I have 6 children and they all got it about a week apart...oh that was a fun lead up to Christmas!. Looking forward to many more posts :)

  6. Wow 100 posts - congratulations and thank you for your impressive, inspiring and amazing gorgeousness! Chickenpox - hmm not so yay unless they are immunised then no biggie!! Good luck :)

  7. Congratulations on the 100th post.
    Hope the chicken pox has not arrived yet - and if not - enjoy the rest of your week :)

  8. Ooh thanks for the reminder - I thought I had entered!!
    Congratulations on 100 posts - they sneak up quickly don't they.
    Looking forward to reading many more.

  9. Am loving the new tea towels and pot holders - how about a set of eight placemats 'for good' at our place, so I don't have to use Dora and Cars for visitors!!!!!!
    Love, love, love your aprons - clever cousin!

  10. Yey Jenny, I think I have missed your giveaway but wanted to add my 2 cents in and say well done, happy 100!


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