Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Quilts For Queensland

Quilt number 3 is finished and about to be popped in the post to Corrie who the quilting queen that is organising the whole Quilts for Queensland thingy.
I hope it makes someone smile!
I'm quite liking this quilty stuff. Still making it up as I go along but quite getting into it.
However, if you look closely you'll notice that it's big on the wonk factor (that would be the making it up as I go along thingy) .... SO .... I have put my name down for a quilting course at Amitie in June (yay!).
AND a girlfriend and I are doing a pattern making course in April.
I feel so self indulgent!!
But you'll have to please excuse me, I'm off to search for my brain . I'll be needing it in a couple of months and am not sure where I have left it.


  1. Gorgeous, I have a thing for apple fabric. I need to get my quilts in the mail to Corrie too.

  2. Wonderful fabrics. I'm sure it makes someone smile.
    Have a nice day

  3. Have you left it under the pile of washing?
    Or maybe it's in the biscuit tin? (That's usually where I find mine) ;o)
    Gorgeous quilt!!
    Andi c

  4. I spy apple fabric- I am positive that quilt will make someone VERY HAPPY, brilliant job- and after it's been washed a few times the wonk factor wont even be noticable. Pattern making course? Sounds enticing...details??!

  5. Beautiful colour combination - you are a natural at making it up. I park my brain next to the sewing machine...then I know where it find it when I need it!


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