Thursday, 24 February 2011

Knitting nits!

School pick-up time. Lots of kids, mums, dogs, prams, bikes etc - the same at every school. Very excited 7 year old runs to mum with a "head lice in school" notice.

Miss No.2: Mum, Mum, I can bring knitting home this week.

Mum: Oh no darling, this is just a notice about headlice.

Miss No.2: No! Mum, I can bring knitting home.

Mum: No darling "Nits" and headlice are the same thing. This just tells us that they're at school so we should check. It's not about knitting.

Miss No.2: Mu-um (note extra syllable and insert eye roll)

Child runs back to classroom and returns with plastic bag containing said knitting.

Mum: Oh, sorry. I misunderstood.

Mum launches into enthusiastic conversation with daughter about learning to "knit" at school as part of their art/craft class.

Moral - Listen to your children.


  1. I'd have reacted the same way!!

  2. He he thats cute.

    Hey, maybe you could knit a nit!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha...
    I just love this so much.
    Unfortunately, I too am obsessed with bith types too.

  4. Extra syllables and eye rolls are the pits! Now looking at my knitting in a whole new light...

  5. Ha ha that's so funny! Sick of those bloody lice notices though :(

  6. ha ha ha very funny i'm nine and i already no how to knit. My Grandma taught me it. Cuz my parents couldn't buy a scarf for me i knitted one myself


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