Saturday, 12 February 2011

Party Central

A bit of organising including sewing aprons for little crafters (don't want to get crafty glue bits on your party dress)Set the table for craft (I knew that buying a canopy for markets would come in handy!) - to be had after some games including eating donnuts with no hands that were hanging from the clothes line, balloon volleyball over the couch and of course, musical statues!

Thank anybody who would listen for the sunshine.Let them into the tent and after a few tips let them go crazy.Feed them, cake them, open the door and let them bounce themselves silly on the trampoline.
Give them their goody bags (tried for more goodies - including their aprons - than lollies this time although birthday girl did say that the lollies were a little light on as we filled them together yesterday).
Wave them goodbye and enjoy all of their beautiful manners.

Marvel at how much glitter is now around our backyard and

have a little rest!
Happy Birthday Lovely No. 2 Girl.


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