Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect, so they say. In that case, I have a whole lot of practicing to do when it comes to free motion machine quilting ...

This is what happened to those circles. 100% linen tea towels for a market on Sunday. If you can make it to Mulgrave in Melbourne on Sunday morning, please come and say hello!



PS. This is post number 98 - who would have thought??? - so I'm thinking a celebratory giveaway for the big 100. Will keep you posted...


  1. Those tea towels look lovely!
    Hope you have a great day at the market.

  2. THe good thing about practising free-motion embroidery is the "free" part of it. Make up your own rules and turn mistakes into part of the design!!!

    Love ya work!

  3. Your tea towels look lovely. Well done on the free motion, I'm still yet to get the knack of little circles.


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