Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Getting Zippered

You may know that Tanya is having a "Julie & Julia" thing with Nikki.

I did mention to Tanya that the idea was so fabulous we should all do it and then proceeded to do nothing.

But now I have.I been zippered!

These were easy (her patterns always are) lovely and wonderful. And I love how they've turned out.

The little one is for me and the big one has been posted to my Mum so she can carry around some "secret lady business" in her bag while she has the side effects of her chemo. (Have I told you how proud we are of our Mum - she's brave, strong, determined and has a tummy of steel!)

It took me 5 months to crack the seal on Nikki's book (which is not a reflection on her book at all!) I wonder if I can do another project before March 2012 ??


  1. So many things I want to sew in this book - these are one (or two) of them!
    Hope your mum is doing well - sounds like she's made of good stuff!

  2. GO on... you know you want to do another....

    (That Pippijoe fabric is a dream to work with, isn't it?. Looks fab, too!)

  3. I picked up a new craft book yesterday and flicked through thinking 'oh I'll make that and that and that and that'. I probably wont though. Or maybe I will one day when I'm looking to make something in particular and remember that I have that pattern in that book.
    I do adore Nikki's patterns tho. I love how professional the outcomes look. And I love little zippy purses too. They look fab!

  4. Zips!!! Show off!!!

    Lovely presi for your Mum. Must start thinking about some Christmas presents.


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