Monday, 13 October 2014

It has been a while but it is time - Quilt No. 8

It has been a long time between quilts but number 8 is in my head.
It has been bouncing around in there for some time.
It has had some colour and design changes whilst bouncing around in there over the last couple of months but today is the day to stop bouncing and start doing.
I ventured to a lovely Perth quilt shop, calico and ivy, and as I walked down the street with my bounty I realised that my gift voucher was still in my handbag, unused - oops.
My husband may think this is just a cunning plan to go back there again ... and he maybe right.
I loved it in there.
There is something warm and lovely about being in a quilt fabric shop.
I met some lovely ladies who travelled for 5 hours to Perth and buy fabric every visit.  We laughed about our fabric stashes and all bought some more.

Here is the collection purchased for quilt number 8.
They do look a little more blue in real life.

The plan at this point (in my head, ) is a very plain, fat striped number with circular hand quilting in white.
This could change as the idea bouncing continues.
I will keep you posted ...

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