Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Using Dusty Cookbook Number 5

Stand back - it is a madness explosion over here!
I have now done 2 recipes from the latest dusty cookbook.

This time it was the chocolate coconut cake.  I think we might even do this again.
For lovers of coconut it is a winner.
Something like a super moist, chocolate cake sandwich filled with juicy coconut.

Our small people liked it and even suggested that we have it again.
That is always a good sign.
I'm thinking that this one may be worthy of the tick in the margin - the ohjoh sign of recipe greatness.

I'm now flipping through the pages for some dinner inspiration .... trying to channel my inner 1980's cook but struggling to get my head around some of the ingredients - lots of butter, cream and things in jars and tins.

How are your dusty's going?

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