Thursday, 13 February 2014

Taking Stock

Our little group of Blog with Pip people have been given a little assignment - do a "taking stock list".  
It was a fun little exercise.  Here is what is happening in my world today …..
Making : lots of lists - I do that.
Cooking : snapper for tea (1 out of 3 kids will be happy, the other 2 will be horrified)
Drinking : not enough water
Reading: "The Daughters Of Mars" by Tom Keneally
Wanting: to read more of my book, and not cry at the horror of Gallipoli
Looking: at the screen a lot lately
Playing: chasey with a blow fly in my kitchen
Deciding: whether to go back to work
Wishing: my Melbourne friends would move to Perth too
Enjoying: the swimming pool
Waiting: for the weather to cool a bit
Liking: that I am getting to know my way around Perth and don't need a map as often.
Wondering: if I can go another day without scrubbing the shower - it is disgusting
Loving: that my kids have settled in so well
Pondering: what to do on a holiday later in the year
Considering: basket weaving
Watching: the clock
Hoping: to be more organised
Marvelling: at those that appear/are organised!
Needing: a new lawn mower
Smelling: coriander (yum)
Wearing: a skirt and bare feet
Noticing: the thick dust in our house - was that there yesterday?
Knowing: how sad it is that I am still excited about a new vacuum cleaner
Thinking: about (and missing) my Mum
Admiring: people who work in Palliative Care
Sorting: through school notices
Buying: fruit & veg - can't keep up with the kids!
Getting: excited that a Melbourne friend may be coming to visit
Bookmarking: lots of blogs found at Blog With Pip
Disliking: manufacturing job losses
Opening: my mind to the blog world through Pip
Giggling: at my 7yr old - she is a funny little chicken
Feeling: guilty sitting at the PC when I have heaps I should be doing instead
Snacking: usually on Savoys - must be the salt
Coveting: a new couch
Helping: kids with homework
Hearing: a warm breeze rattle the blind
Join in too if you like…Pop over to Pip's and have a go - she has  a list waiting just for you!
Jenny x


  1. Loving your thoughts - that's a lot of stock to take in one day! Well done you!

  2. "Loving your thoughts - that's a lot of stock to take in one day! Well done you!" - exactly my thoughts too. And isn't it nice to have a funny little chicken in the family.

  3. Love your list just been reading Jules list over on little Woolie X


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