Saturday, 8 February 2014

Dusty Cookbook Number 2

Our arteries need a break after Women's Weekly 1984 so this fortnight (even though I think I am a week late already) we are using a not so dusty book.
In fact it is the latest addition to the collection that arrived at Christmas - is that cheating???
Mr Matt with the Cravat - and we're loving him just a little bit.
He has a bit of a joke, keeps things real and the food we've made so far have been really good.
So even though it is not so dusty & almost cheating we're happy with Matt.  I needed something fresh and modern to cut through the heavy, fatty goodness of the last book.
Ok Matt with the Cravat - it is your turn!
What have you chosen?
Pick up a book that is feeling neglected and give it a go.
Happy cooking
Jenny x

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