Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Loving a bit of Matt

Matt with the Cravat (think Masterchef attire) we are very fond of you in my house!

More precisely we are very fond of your cookbook.

Thank you for breaking up the previous fatty fortnight from The 1984 Women's weekly.

And I believe you, Matt!

You say on the cover that these are "Fast, fresh and unbelievably delicious 204 recipes you'll want to cook again and again".
You are correct!
We have and we will!

To date we have made (or done versions of, as it does depend on what is in the fridge sometimes at our place):
Lamb Burgers with Feta & Yoghurt Dressing p64 (twice because they were such a hit with the kidlets the first time)
Bun Cha With Noodles p69
Corn Fritters p104
Peaches and Cream Soft Serve p211 (made this twice!!! so easy and so yum on a hot summers night)
Jennifer's Flapjacks p184

There are many other sticky notes inside the book which flag promising recipes that we or may not get to this week.

I only wish I was paid to give this book praise but I'm not.
It was a christmas gift from the Mr and the kids.
I probably would not have purchased it myself but we are loving a bit of Matt.

Have you chosen a cook book to dust off and use at your place?


  1. This is a great idea. I have lots of cookbooks that I don't even look at. Found you via blogging with pip course. Carla x

  2. Thanks Carla.
    Blog with Pip Course is great isn't it!!! So glad I joined up.

  3. Oh my - this is a fabulous idea! What a great way to circulate your cookbooks. I love a bit of Matt's cravat too!


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