Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Photo Safari

Our assignment for this week (at Blog With Pip) is a Photo Safari of our weekend.
Here in the land of Ohjoh it was a quiet, at home type of weekend

We spent a lot of time either in, or watching the kids in the pool

We tried a new tea that arrived as a Christmas gift.

We moved this little guy's kennel to help him cope with the heat.  
He prefers to be inside under the air conditioner.

We did lots of laundry.  There is always LOTS of laundry.  It is endless.

We went on a de-spider frenzy after a Redback Spider casually walked across the lounge room floor.  The second one we have found inside.   
They are everywhere here.  I have never seen anything like it.  
Spiders and I are not friends but we seem to agree to keep away from each other.  
The understanding is that outside you can be free but inside the house you will probably be dead.
Poisonous spiders with red stripes on their backs, however, are DEFINITELY not friends inside or outside.  
We will probably squeal in fear and squash them … or have the Mr do it.
Hopefully they will tell their red-backed friends and move next door.

And that is our weekend photo sarafi.
Hope yours was great too (and spider free)
Jenny x


  1. I especially love that first splashy shot!! A great collection of pics that really tell the story!!

  2. Oooooh don't like the idea of red back spiders wandering across the floor! Got to love the quirks of living in Australia! Love the pool photo too! And our furkids definitely prefer sitting under the aircon too! :)

  3. Great shots Jenny, spectacular splash shot and I love the blue dog house - we are planning on making a cubby from pallets so might borrow that for some inspiration.

  4. Beautiful photo's. Well done on your assignment.


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