Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Extending the pop-up shop and a GIVEAWAY!

When you're on a good thing ... extend it!

I know I said that we would run the fundraising pop-up shop thingy until the end of September but, hey, I'm an out there sort of gal who does crazy things like extend it until the 20th of October.
I still have some stock and I still feel good about making them and donating them to the cause so why not!

All $$ from every sale in the Ohjoh pop-up made-it shop will be donated directly to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital (via my brother's sponsor page).
You'll find kid's t-shirts ($12) and kids pyjamas ($20) in a range of sizes.
I have a few more that need to be finished and popped on (sz1, sz6 and sz8) so keep checking the shop.  Otherwise if you would like something specific let me know and we'll include it in the donation run too.

If you can help spread the word that would be great!!  
In fact, if you pop a mention of the Ohjoh Kids shop on your blog or Facebook page and leave me a comment telling me that you have,  I'll put you in the draw for a surprise bit of handmade goodness (which will probably include a You Sew Girl pattern that I've purchased from Curlypops).  
Entries close Wed 17th October (and include comments from the previous giveaway post).  
The winner will be drawn by my kids in some convoluted random fashion on the 20th of October 2012.

Who know's, one day the money raised could help create a treatment that saves the life of someone you love.  (Mum started a new treatment  - her 3rd - on Monday ... so here's hoping this one works for her)

Thanks for your help, people.
Enjoy your Wednesday

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  1. Good on you Jenny. And yep, with your mum- third time lucky xxx


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