Thursday, 11 October 2012

My creative space

Lots of pleats and tucks for a custom apron order today

and (crikey look at the time!) kids probably standing in the rain at school waiting for me as I faff around here ...OOOPS!!!!

(Must remember to put on shoes and leave uggs/slippers at home)

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  1. you mean i can't pick the kids up in my slipper socks and thongs? oh man. those pleats are making me rediculously happy. nice to meet you! :)sarah

  2. I was just trying to explain these pleats to my daughter as she needs another technique on her textiles project...and here they are in all their glory...thank you Jenny! Can't wait to see the finished apron now!

  3. It's beautiful - very inspiring work. And I love the colour too.


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